At Work

In the age of the open-plan office, private space is more important than ever. For thinking, doing or doing nothing, ‘breakout areas’ are now an important part of modern workplace design. Enter the POD.


Breakout zones offer an opportunity for design creativity, but they also play a functional role. A single POD is a personal retreat; two PODS face to face to create a one-on-one private meeting/work space. Breakout spaces are primarily designed for collaboration, but individuals need breakout space too.

Curl up
and work

There’s something about a favourite thinking space, an arrangement of armchair and cushion, a corner of sun to curl into, that's what POD is all about. POD is a productive workspace, but it's a personal space and - in the age of the open plan office - somehow indulgent.


Fletcher Vaughan,

The POD design is a response to providing secluded private space within office environments. The acoustic qualities allow you to take timeout, to read, think, work in peace or even take a nap, making the POD ideal for breakout areas. Or put two PODS face to face to create a one-on-one private meeting space.