Founded in ’99 by acclaimed Kiwi designer, Fletcher Vaughan

25+ years later, a few more greys & he’s still the driving force behind the brand

100% Locally-Shaped

We’re all about local design. Whether it’s our longstanding collaborations with Kiwi design heavyweights or the talented local craftspeople we work with, we keep everything—our design and production—local.

What that means for you is a peaceful night’s sleep. We’re hands-on, ensuring quality is on point, offering flexible deadlines, and responding fast. So you won’t be ghosted, left hanging, bugged, or have to nudge us.

We’ve got your back. It’s transcendence for the time-poor designer. And if we don’t reply within 24 hours? Well, then drinks are on us.


Edge of the Seat

Boundaries are there to be pushed. We trust our instincts, and we’re always on the hunt for inventive and surprising ways to offer something new. Originality is key, and with a touch of artistic excellence, our furniture stands out as genuinely one-of-a-kind.

We aren’t in the business of making objects. We make art you can sit on.



25 Years of Comfort

1 roof, 5 designers, and a 25 year-track record. We have 1000’s of pieces of furniture across 100’s of spaces; offices, galleries, museums, you name it. We’re not keeping score, but that probably makes us one of the most experienced players in the game.

We’re proud to represent Aotearoa – New Zealand on the global stage too. We collaborate with like-minded partners to license our designs all over the world. That means, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll see our furniture everywhere from Asia to the Americas.

Photos of Google – Auckland Office

People Talk, Details Speak Louder

Perfection doesn’t exist. It won’t stop us from trying though.

We’re crazy about the nitty-gritty details. We’ve got a tight-knit crew of local artists, suppliers, and craftspeople who are as obsessed about achieving that ‘artistic nirvana’ as we are.

We love them, and we love their work. So we do our bit to support our industry and prioritise growing partnerships that last as long as our furniture does.

Clean green seating

We’re big on protecting our precious environment, so we strive to keep our footprint small.

Local production means very low carbon miles from workshop to destination.

Materials matter. Sustainable FSC-certified timbers, recycled foams and textiles, water-based glues; we do everything we can to transform the old into the new.

We believe that local production is the only way to shape a truly circular economy. So we’re taking a stand by offering a 10-year warranty on all of our soft seating. And at the end of a product’s life, we’ll happily take it back for repurposing.

We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work and our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Our Environmental Policy is updated regularly to reflect our ongoing commitment to making things better.

Please contact us directly for the current version of our policy.