Case Study:

Precinct Properties


Knowing that a high level of creative and technical expertise would be required, Warren and Mahoney engaged Fletcher Design early in the design process to collaborate on the design of completely bespoke banquette seating elements, which were deployed throughout the space.

Precinct’s customer-facing hosting space is a striking combination of contrasting yet harmonious elements and textures. A true sensory experience; it’s calming, yet masculine and richly textured: hand-laid singular tiles, plush carpet, chocolatey leather aromas, perforated mesh walls, dark timber, and ample glass revealing the exceptional views from the tower. Fletcher Design’s banquette leather seating is the lynchpin of the furniture elements deployed in the space, utilised extensively in clean, quarter and semi-circular configurations. The elements in the space are geometrical and configured with great precision and intention, yet work together to convey an effortless sense of relaxation.


Fletcher Design’s custom-made banquettes feature detailing that would not be out of place in a New York pied-a-terre, featuring a pinched and tucked leather technique that nods to Italian residential design classics of the 1970s.

From the finely detailed and straight piped leather seams through to the rich dark timber backs and ends, the banquettes evoke a sense of luxury and presence.

“Warren and Mahoney Senior Associate and Interior Designer, Daniel Kempka called the decision to collaborate with Fletcher Design a “no brainer”: “The built-in custom banquette lounge seating offered a design challenge that relied on careful attention to detail and craftmanship. Fletcher Design are known for their experience and commitment to achieving a high level of design craft – skills that this project needed. The product has nailed our brief and far exceeded our expectations”.

—  “Interior Designer, Daniel Kempka called the decision to collaborate with Fletcher Design a “no brainer”

WARREN & MAHONEY – Senior Associate.

The working spaces are broadly delineated into two approaches. ‘Live’ Work and ‘Home’ Work are two sides of one coin. Both are spaces that aim to make the user feel at home: one dynamic and collaborative; the other comfortable and secure; conducive to focus. Fletcher Design was also engaged to supply banquettes and other loose items from the collection to support workflow in both spaces. This ensured visual harmony across the project, and afforded the same levels of comfort and performance to Precinct’s staff alongside their visitors.