Miami is a state of mind. Uncompromising, bold, impeccably tailored. Sculptural and plush.

Designer Fletcher Vaughan’s signature aesthetic is at play throughout the collection, from the strong sculptural forms through to immaculate detailing. Subtle layering of foam creates a slight ‘puff’ on the seat and back, softening the form for luxury and comfort.

Fletcher Vaughan

15 modules
Including Chairs / Sofas / Double Sided Sofas / Ottomans

Seat height 450mm

Standard Lead-time
4 / 6 weeks from order.

Aotearoa Design & Made

Approved Fabrics
Vivid / Feel / Calibre
Warwick / Augustus
Textilia / Blazer / Synergy / Mainline Flax / Orlando
Kvadrat / Divina 3 / Tonica 2

Plain fabric with good stretch & memory is recommended

Please get in touch, we can assist with your fabric selections.

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890W x 720D x 770H

Sofa 2 Seater
1440W x 720D x 770H

Sofa 3 Seater
1990W x 720D x 770H

Sofa 4 Seater
2540W x 720D x 770H

Chair Double
1610W x 720D x 770H

Sofa 4 Seater Double Sided
1440W x 1270D x 770H

Sofa 6 Seater Double Sided
1990W x 1270D x 770H

Sofa 8 Seater Double Sided
2540W x 1270D x 770H

Ottoman 2 Seater w/Arms
1440W x 550D x 770H

Ottoman 3 Seater w/Arms
1990W x 550D x 770H

Ottoman 4 Seater w/Arms
2540W x 550D x 770H

550W x 550D x 450H

Ottoman 2 Seater
1100W x 550D x 450H

Ottoman 3 Seater
1650W x 550D x 450H

Ottoman 4 Seater
2200W x 550D x 450H

Fletcher Vaughan

Main Design Guy and Founder of Fletcher Design, Fletcher Vaughan, is self-taught gaining his skills, and strong design perspective, by practice and observation. Vaughan established his NZ studio in 1999 and very quickly became recognised for his distinctive design style.

Design Details

A carefully considered ergonomic approach benefits the user at work or rest, while the sustainably-certified internal elements are selected for durability and performance in high-traffic environments.

Example Miami Seating

1 x Ottoman
1 x Ottoman 2 Seater
1 x Ottoman 3 Seater w/Arms
1 x Chair Double

1 x Sofa 6 Seater Double Sided
1 x Sofa 4 Seater

1 x Chair
2 x Sofa 2 Seater